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Why Zetta Storage?

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Your files, not ours

With Zetta Storage, your files belong to you, not us, so you can be sure we’re not reselling your data. In fact, we can't even see what you store, the system is so designed that the information is accessed and owned only by the client.

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Unbeatable price

Up to 90% less expensive than centralized storage systems (AWS, Google, Azure, IBM, Oracle)

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Unparalleled security

Every file is encrypted, split into pieces, and stored on a global network of nodes, making data breaches and downtime a thing of the past.

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Flash performance

Get lightning fast, CDN-like performance from a decentralized, global network that traditional cloud storage simply can’t match.

S3 Compatibility
Unparalleled security

All packaged and designed for the enterprise level.

We help you migrate all your data for free, in no time.

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